A spike in work cover claims prompt preventive action from business owners

We expect to see an increase in the amount of work cover claims to increase over the coming months as a direct result of employees feeling forced into returning to a work environment a little too soon than they are comfortable about. 

As we have all learned over the past few years, each one of us deal with the uncertainty and fear surrounding COVID-19 a little differently. Hopefully we have all come to accept these differences and to understand that our reactions are based on a number of factors, including concern and care for our loved ones and our trust and belief in the measures that have been presented to us by our government. 

For those businesses that are faced with a number of employees who are hesitant to return to the workplace or become stressed and burned out after contracting COVID-19, then practical solutions need to be put into place. 

Regardless of the lessons we have learned and the amount of effort we have put into being empathetic to situations that lie outside of our control, business owners and managers are exhausted and therefore are running the risk of reacting to a situation negatively. This can have serious HR consequences which can have lasting damage to your businesses reputation. 

We are all stressed and our mental health is definitely being tested as we navigate through many changes in how a workplace can effectively operate. 

So to support business owners and to foster positive change, Accounting Tax Solutions have considered these proactive options that you can adopt:

Flexible deadlines

Remove pressure where you can by considering changing deadlines and tasks. Make sure you are aligning the right tasks with the right people and allow for the idea that perfectionism isn’t the standard right now. 

An empathetic work environment

Take a look at your work culture and ensure that you are having regular check-ins with employees to see whether they are coping. 

Free up time

Reduce meetings to free up time in the short term if everyone is feeling overwhelmed to give you a moment to get back on track. 

Delegate and trust

Know that as a business owner, you can’t do everything. Trust in the competency of your employees and delegate. Offer an opportunity to someone and inspire them to prove themselves if they are willing. 

Get your priorities straight

Get the balance right between working on what is important and urgent and what can wait. Make sure everyone agrees and make a plan as to when you can acknowledge less urgent jobs.

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