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Cryptocurrency Your Tax Obligations Accounting Goldcoast Australia

Cryptocurrency Your Tax Obligations Accounting Goldcoast Australia

Crypto trading? Here’s what you need to know

Did you know that a surprising number of people are actually unaware of their tax obligations surrounding crypto trading? You’re not alone!

Wait, there’s tax obligations on my cryptocurrency?

As a result of not understanding the tax laws surrounding this relatively new enterprise, many people have failed to declare their cryptocurrency trading activities correctly. But don’t worry, our friendly team at Accounting Tax Solutions have specific knowledge in cryptocurrency trading tax obligations to help you.

Tax obligations don’t only exist when you cash in.

Many people believe that cryptocurrency gains are tax free or only taxable once cashed in. This is simply not true. Many others believe that due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency trading, their movements are not traceable, but in fact, the ATO have access to more data and the ability to track those investing very closely.

The ATO does have the means to audit your crypto trading activity.

If you are not eager for an audit from the ATO or potentially penalties, then Accounting Tax Solutions can help. We are one of the few accountants on the Gold Coast that offer specific cryptocurrency solutions and support, so if you are involved in crypto-trading it is important to work with an accountant who has knowledge in this field.

How we can help you!

Accounting Tax Solutions are here to help our clients on the Gold Coast and throughout Australia,  trade with confidence knowing they are fully aware of their tax obligations and have the best tax minimisation strategies in place.

Your tax obligations are treated differently depending on your situation, namely:

  • Capital gains and losses
    If you hold your individual crypto assets for more than 12 months, then capital gain discounts are available to you as an individual.
  • Investment gains and losses
    If you are trading only occasionally but not holding each crypto asset for 12 months or more, then be aware that no discounts or offsets are available.
  • Business trading
    There are business offsets that can be available on profits if your trading activities  meets the ‘business tests’

Minimize your tax bill…

If you’re interested in minimising your tax to pay each year, especially if you are making considerable amounts of money through wise cryptocurrency trading,  then our accountants at Accounting Tax Solutions can provide you with the solutions on how to achieve this.

Ensure your investments are working for you

We will work on reviewing the structure of your investments for the very purpose of reducing your tax obligations legally and providing asset protection. We do urge you to look back on your prior year returns and if needed we can help you correct your returns and understand your tax obligations surrounding your cryptocurrency for future submissions.

Be proactive and get in touch

Get in touch with Accounting Tax Solutions today via our contact us page or call us on the phone number below,  to discuss your crypto trading tax obligations and how to correctly declare and minimise your tax, so that you can confidently invest and make significant profits for your future.

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