Gold Coast Accountant

How We Work

We use a five-step process to help you develop and improve your business – increasing your business profit and cashflow, wealth creation, protect your family and your assets, minimise taxation and reduce the pressure and worry…

How We Work

1. Asset Protection & Business Structures

• Family trusts used as asset protection vehicles
• Secured loan agreements to protect the funds loaned to your business
• Separation of the ‘risk’ and ‘asset’ areas of your business and personal assets
• Estate planning, including establishing your wills and powers of attorney

2. Advanced Tax Planning

• Companies used to ‘cap’ your tax at a maximum of 30%
• 100% tax deductions for notebook computers, mobile phones/PDA’s and briefcases (one each per year)
• Tax-effective home loans and debt recycling plans (reducing your non-tax deductible debt while maximising the interest you can claim on your tax return)

3. Accounting & Compliance Services

• Financial statements, tax returns, Business Activity Statements (BAS’s)
• We provide you with simple to use checklists to compile the information we need to prepare your financial reports
• Our plain English letters help to clearly communicate your business obligations and taxation responsibilities

4. Business Profit Improvement

• Strategies and tools to increase your business profits and cashflow
• Business valuations for succession plans and insurance purposes
• Cashflow forecasts and strategic plans
• Systems and procedures (so that your business can run without you)

5. Wealth Creation

Our network of authorised financial advisers can provide you with wealth creation advice in:
• Establishment of an investment plan
• Investment into managed funds and shares
• Superannuation advice
• Margin lending
• Personal insurances
• Meeting your retirement goals
• Leases, home loans and business loans

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