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Testimonials & Case Studies

Case Studies

Bob’s meteoric business growth

Testimonials & Case Studies

Bob started his new business venture three years ago with just himself and a few subbies – his business sales increasing 506% in that short period! Accounting Tax Solutions has been with Bob every step of the way, providing him with all the support and services needed to grow quickly – from Bookkeeping, Payroll and Secretarial services to Tax Planning, Accounting and Business Advisory. This gave Bob the time he needed to spend on growing his business without the worry of paperwork, accounts and ATO lodgements.

“Accounting Tax Solutions has been a major factor in the rapid growth and success of my business”.

Ivan’s new business venture

Testimonials & Case Studies

Ivan was looking at taking a new business direction and, as an existing client of Accounting Tax Solutions, we were his first point of contact to review his ideas and put together a comprehensive Business Plan. As part of our processes, we completed cashflow analysis, budgets/targets, strengths and weaknesses of his ideas, a competitor review and locations within his proposed business site. This armed Ivan with all the information he needed to pursue his new dream. We were with Ivan every step of the way during his business setup and are continually freeing up Ivan’s time by handling all his Bookkeeping, Payroll, Secretarial Services, Accounting and Taxation work so

he can focus on the business. We also provide ongoing Business Advisory analysis to ensure his new business is a success.

“I know I can always rely on Accounting Tax Solutions to support me and my businesses”.

Joe and Chris’ tax savings windfall

Testimonials & Case Studies

Joe and Chris are married and have multiple businesses and properties. They engaged Accounting Tax Solutions a couple of years ago as they weren’t happy with the level of service and advice from their existing accountant. As part of our annual service, we completed Tax Planning strategies which resulted in over $300k in tax savings for Joe and Chris due to careful analysis, recommendations and review of their business group.

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