The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll Processing in Australia


Whether it’s reducing your overhead costs or improving efficiency more generally, we’d recommend looking into outsourcing your payroll processing if you’re trying to find a better way of running your business and paying your employees.

You’ll be accessing a range of different benefits by taking on a strategy like this and, ultimately, transforming the way your business manages your payroll functions – this way, you can focus on some of your core activities and drive growth instead.

Cost Savings

When you’re managing your payrolls in-house, you’ve got a list of fairly considerable expenses you need to be paying, including:

  • Salaries for all your payroll staff
  • Paying for any software licences you use 
  • Compliance costs
  • Staff training

We’d suggest outsourcing this you can scrap all of them all together – now, all you need to pay is one fee to a specialised provider, one that you can actually predict the cost of each month or year. As a result, you’ll be both cutting down direct costs and some of the other risks that come with things like payroll errors/compliance issues.

Improved Security

You’re managing a lot of personal employee information whenever you manage your payroll in-house which opens the door for a bunch of security risks if you’re not an expert in knowing how to safeguard them.

Fortunately, outsourced payroll processing utilises some of the most robust safety techniques out there – encryption to secure all your servers, for instance – so that the data is protected and you’re not accidentally running the risk of a data breach.

Enhanced Accuracy and Compliance

Generally speaking, payroll processing is a fairly intricate process that requires an extensive understanding of all the laws and regulations here in Australia – which is exactly why you don’t just do it by yourself and probably have a team of staff to handle it for you.

Having said that, getting that level of accuracy and compliance with a team of in-house staff is not only challenging but very resource-intensive, too.

Instead, we’d suggest working with an outsourced team constantly on the lookout for new legislative changes – this way you’ll be able to massively reduce your risk of non-compliance and all the hefty fines that come with that.

Time Efficiency

If for no other reason, handling all your payroll responsibilities internally is generally just pretty time-consuming and stops you from getting on with your main business responsibilities.

By coming to Accounting Tax Solutions to for help with your payroll,  you’ll be able to free up a lot more of your time and go back to doing what you do best – we’d say these kinds of services are the most beneficial for SMEs in particular since the amount of resources available here is often a lot more limited. Call us today on 07 5559 1200