Tips for Choosing the Right Accountant For Your Small Business in Australia

Accounting and bookkeeping are incredibly time-consuming and technical areas that link to several implications if not done correctly. Behind many successful businesses are outsourced specialists aiming to lighten your workload so you can focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

Choosing the correct accountant is a significant decision with the potential to yield numerous benefits, driving your business toward success. Ease the process by considering these five tips on searching for the best accountant.

Look For Official Certifications and Experience

Trust is key to all positive working relationships. Certifications and chartered status can give you immense peace of mind, knowing you’re working with a skilled individual.

Look for highly regarded credentials like a CA or CPA qualification. Ties to prestigious organisations like the Fellow – Institute of Public Accountants also accredit their ability.

Review Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews offer genuine insights into an accountant’s service. Testimonials linked to Google reviews show that the statements are authentic and not auto-generated. 

Look for praised attributes like professionalism, respectability, caring, and dependability. Accountants with a human approach are more likely to align with your individual goals and values. 

 Ensure They Cover the Day-to-Day

While planning is vital to long-term success, managing daily operations is fundamental to everyday efficiency.

The Accounting Tax Solutions team, for example, fosters long-term relations with their clients to better understand how the day-to-day looks, enabling them to optimise processes and incorporate relevant technology, such as online bookkeeping. 

Consider Whether They Support Business Growth

Accountants with specialist experience in business growth can bring several advantages, such as strategic guidance, proactive problem-solving, and customised financial strategies.

ATS, for instance, takes a proactive, hands-on approach to drive results. They immerse themself within your business to align their objectives with your own–at the end of the day, two heads are often better than one!

Modern accounting providers, such as ATS, could introduce long-term ideas, like starting a self-managed super fund or investing in crypto, which could provide innovative ways to grow financially. Improved finances lead you to further expansions, like improved recruiting and enhanced product development.

Learn How They Approach Tax

Long-term tax planning, accounting method advice, and tax saving strategies are all important qualities. A good accountant will also ensure your small business claims relevant deductibles to aid your business’s financial health. 

Providers offering bookkeeping and audit services will positively impact how you record business transactions and reconcile bank accounts for more streamlined tax submissions. 

Connect With a Certified Accountant Today

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Our specialist services target an impressive spectrum of objectives, from sizing control over your finances and complying with tax to nailing bookkeeping and maximising savings. 

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